Riverbed Hunt

Created by Odd Statue Games

A Light Strategy Deduction board game for 3 to 9 players, set in a fantasy world!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Pre-Production Copy Arrived – Mass Production Begins!
6 days ago – Mon, May 13, 2024 at 10:26:50 PM

Dear members of the Triton Society,

As promised, we are back with a few yet exciting updates! Yes, the pre-production copy of Riverbed Hunt finally arrived a couple of weeks ago, and we can't hide our enthusiasm as we watch our vision come to life, step by step. Thank you all for your incredible patience; we truly believe the wait will be worth it once you have the final product in your hands. Before we dive into the details, we want to clarify that the images below do not represent the final version of the game just yet.

Pre-Production Copy Sample

We are very pleased with the overall quality of our Pre-Production Copy. The component sizes are as expected, and everything fits into the box perfectly, including sleeved cards. But don't take our word for it! Have a look for your self! 

However, while thoroughly inspecting each component, we noticed a slight color difference in some of them. Our manufacturing partner has reassured us that this is due to the PPC being a digital print and that the final product will utilize offset printing for more precise color and component cutting. Additionally, we found some minor issues with the double-layered track board, but all are quickly and easily fixable. Our only real concerns were the following:

  • The track counter icons need to be resized as they are currently hard to recognize.
  • The white color on the chip markers is overly bright, giving them a non-finalized appearance. We have already picked a shade that better fits the game's overall aesthetics and requested a matte finish for the chip stickers to avoid a “cheap” look, (pun intended).

Aside from these points, everything looks and feels great, and we hope you agree!

Shipping Update

We want to be transparent with you about the project timeline. The preparation of the game files and the ongoing communication with our manufacturer have taken longer than expected. As a result, we are currently reassessing our shipping schedule and expect to announce a new timeline soon. We are committed to keeping you updated every step of the way and are exploring ways to compensate for this delay to show our appreciation for your continued patience and support.

What’s Next

Having said that, we are pleased to share that we have already completed the necessary revisions and have officially given the order for mass production to begin. We are moving forward with confidence and are excited to enter this final phase of production. Rest assured, we are closely monitoring every step of the process to ensure that everything meets our high standards and your expectations.

We understand the importance of transparency and will continue to provide timely updates as we progress. We are doing everything we can to ensure that your wait will be as short as possible and that the final product will bring you much joy and satisfaction.

Thank you for your trust and support in bringing Riverbed Hunt to life. We are nearly there and can’t wait for you to experience the game for yourselves. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Until then, stay Oddly Legendary!

—Odd Statue Games

PPC News & FREE Wallpapers!
about 2 months ago – Tue, Mar 26, 2024 at 05:16:17 AM

Dear members of the Triton Society,

Four months have passed since the Riverbed Hunt campaign, and it still feels like yesterday! Time flies, doesn't it? It has been quiet around here for some time, and we truly appreciate your patience. Having said that, we decided to "skip" an update since we did not have much news to share about the game's production. We know we promised to keep you updated, but at the same time, we value everyone's time and do not want to send updates for the sake of it, without being able to provide any interesting information. With all that being said, let us give you the details about Riverbed Hunt's current state.

PPC (Pre-Production Copy) News

We won't lie, as we mentioned in our last update, preparing and finalizing all the digital files needed for print took us more time than anticipated. Since it's our first time going through this process, we've realized that each step of this back-and-forth proofing process uncovers minor issues, and delays were unavoidable. Unfortunately, we missed our Chinese New Year deadline, so we had to wait for the Chinese holidays to conclude before the production process could continue. The good news is that the files have finally been sent to our manufacturing partner, and we recently received the digital proofs from their factory. Over the last few days, we've been double-checking these digital proofs and, fortunately, no issues were found this time. That means we are now patiently waiting for the physical PPC to be sent to us for final approval before mass production. As soon as the copy arrives, we promise to show you a couple of photos of the components to share the excitement! Thank you once again for your patience and understanding; it means a lot to our small team.

Wallpapers – A Token of Appreciation

While we all wait for Riverbed Hunt to arrive, we thought of gifting you some free mobile wallpapers as a small token of our huge appreciation for your trust in us. The wallpapers feature illustrations from the gorgeous artwork Rixt Heerschop created for Riverbed Hunt! We hope you enjoy them.

Follow this link to download the files and let the Tritons' aura accompany you wherever you go!

Please note:
If the wallpapers do not fit your mobile's screen dimensions properly, you may send us an email at [email protected] with your mobile's model, or directly comment on this post. We will make any necessary adjustments to the dimensions and upload the updated wallpapers.

Talk to you soon.

Until next time,

stay Oddly Legendary

The Odd Statue Games Team

Progress Update and Important Reminders for Riverbed Hunt Backers!
4 months ago – Fri, Feb 02, 2024 at 08:16:15 AM

Dear Tritons,

We're thrilled to bring you another update on our journey with Riverbed Hunt. We've got some exciting news and reminders for you!

Pre-Production Progress

We're on the cusp of a significant milestone! The print files for our pre-production copy are nearly ready to be handed over to our trusted printing partner. This step is crucial, as it brings us closer to realizing our shared dream of Riverbed Hunt. In the spirit of transparency and commitment to excellence, we want to acknowledge a slight shift in our timeline. Finalizing the rulebook and artbook layouts has taken a touch more time than anticipated. This additional effort is dedicated to ensuring every detail meets our high standards, from gameplay clarity to visual appeal. Your patience and understanding as we polish these final pieces mean the world to us, and we're confident that the outcome will be a game that exceeds your expectations.

Pledge Manager Closing Soon

As we approach the next phase, we want to remind you that the pledge manager will close on February 15th. We're delighted to share that 76% of our backers have already completed their orders and entered their shipping information. If you haven't done so yet, now is the time to finalize your order and ensure your copy of Riverbed Hunt reaches you without any hitches. Unsure how to do that? Contact us!

Please note that while the pledge manager will close soon and you will not be able to edit your order, you will still be able to change your address even moments before we hand over the process to our shipping partners. Of course, we will notify you with a new KickStarter update as always.

Attention Apple Sign-In Users

We've noticed a few of our backers used the Apple sign-in option for their Kickstarter accounts. While most have responded to our messages to update their email addresses in the pledge manager, a few have yet to do so. It's crucial for these backers to respond so we can update your information and avoid any issues with your order. If you're unsure whether this applies to you, please message us for clarification.

Next Update - Sneak Peek

Get ready for a visual treat in our next update! We'll be sharing images of our pre-production copy. The team is buzzing with excitement, and we can't wait to give you a glimpse of what's in store. Your enthusiasm and support have brought us this far, and we're eager to share this milestone with you.

As always, we're here for any questions or feedback you might have. Your involvement makes Riverbed Hunt more than just a game; it's a community coming together to celebrate a shared passion.

Until next time,

stay Oddly Legendary

The Odd Statue Games Team

Pledge Manager – The Grand Opening!
5 months ago – Fri, Jan 05, 2024 at 05:44:18 AM

Dear Triton Society Members,

We're thrilled to bring you our first project update of the new year: the Pledge Manager is now live!

In the Pledge Manager, you can finalize your order by selecting your desired copies and add-ons, and by providing your shipping details. We've kept the process straightforward, reflecting our streamlined pledge levels and add-ons. Before completing your order, we'll ask a few quick questions to gather your feedback. This is vital for us as it helps us grow and prepare for future projects. Your candid responses are greatly appreciated!

Pledge Manager Deadline

Remember, the Pledge Manager will be open until mid-February. After that, we'll start the mass production process. We will notify you with a new update before closing the Pledge Manager, of course!

Local Pickup Options

  •  For Greece and The Netherlands Residents: Select “Local Pickup” in the Country field of your pledge manager if you wish to receive your copy in person. We'll send a follow-up survey to help you choose your preferred pickup point.

For Greece we support local pickup for Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa and Volos.

For the Netherlands, we support Amsterdam and Utrecht, as well as Spellenspektakel 2024.

  •  For Attendees of Essen Spiel 2024: Outside Greece or The Netherlands but attending Essen Spiel 2024? Please also select the Local Pickup option, only if you're willing to wait so long!

Language Availability

We haven't seen enough demand for additional languages for Riverbed Hunt yet. While this is unfortunate, it also allows us to concentrate fully on producing an exceptional first print in English. We're excited to consider more languages in future editions!

Need Help?

If you encounter any issues with the survey, don't hesitate to reach out via Kickstarter message or email us at [email protected]. We understand the frustration of technical glitches and promise to respond swiftly to resolve any problems. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.

Pledge Manager Guide

For those new to Pledge Managers, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Open the email from BackerKit and click “Click Here to Respond.”
  1. Start the survey and answer our questions.
  1. Confirm any addons you purchased through Kickstarter.
  1. Add more game copies or available addons if you wish.
  1. Enter your shipping address. The “Local Pickup” option is at the top of the Country field list.
  1. On the summary page, you can pay for shipping, VAT (if applicable), and any extra products.

Once you complete these steps, just sit back and relax. We're working hard to deliver your game as soon as possible!

Please Note:

  • You can add more items than your original pledge.
  • You can update your shipping address in the Pledge Manager even after payment, up until shortly before delivery starts.

What’s Next

In the next ten days, we're finalizing the rulebook and artbook layouts and preparing the pre-production copy for our manufacturer. We'll update you with more exciting news soon.

The Odd Statue Games Team wishes you a wonderful New Year filled with board games, joy, and creativity. Stay safe, enjoy your gaming, and remember to stay Oddly Legendary!

The Odd Statue Games Team

Season's Greetings and Pledge Manager Progress
5 months ago – Sat, Dec 23, 2023 at 09:38:11 AM

🎄 Happy Holidays to Our Amazing Tritons! 🎉

As the festive season approaches, we want to extend our warmest wishes to each of you and your loved ones. May your holiday season be filled with joy, peace, and happiness. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

🌟 Pledge Manager Update 🌟

We're excited to inform you that our pledge manager is shaping up nicely! Everything is set and ready for a review. Our friends at BackerKit, however, are currently on their well-deserved holiday break. They'll be back in the office on January 2nd, 2024, and will need a couple of business days to review our pledge manager setup. We sincerely apologize for this slight delay and appreciate your understanding.

Initial Backer Access to Pledge Manager & Support 

Once the pledge manager goes live, 5% of our backers will receive an email invitation to complete their orders. This step is crucial as it allows BackerKit to ensure the setup is flawless. The selection of these backers is random and beyond our control. Rest assured, all other backers will gain access shortly after this initial phase.

We understand that some of you may be new to the pledge manager process. To assist, we will release a detailed guide on how to navigate and complete the process once the pledge manager opens. Our team will be readily available to support you with any issues you might encounter. We're here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for everyone!

Keeping You Informed and On Track!

We promise to keep you updated on any developments regarding the pledge manager. We want to reassure you that this minor delay will not impact our overall schedule. Our team is working diligently to finalize the files for our pre-production test print. We're on track to send these files in the first week of January.

Furthermore, the original plan was to close the pledge manager at the end of February. Considering this brief postponement, we'll extend the closing to early March. Importantly, this adjustment also does not affect our overall timeline!

Once again, thank you for your continued support and understanding. We're excited for the upcoming year and all the progress we'll share together. Enjoy your holidays, and stay tuned for more updates!

Until then, stay Oddly Legendary!

The Odd Statue Games Team