Riverbed Hunt

Created by Odd Statue Games

A Light Strategy Deduction board game for 3 to 9 players, set in a fantasy world!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Progress Update and Important Reminders for Riverbed Hunt Backers!
28 days ago – Fri, Feb 02, 2024 at 08:16:15 AM

Dear Tritons,

We're thrilled to bring you another update on our journey with Riverbed Hunt. We've got some exciting news and reminders for you!

Pre-Production Progress

We're on the cusp of a significant milestone! The print files for our pre-production copy are nearly ready to be handed over to our trusted printing partner. This step is crucial, as it brings us closer to realizing our shared dream of Riverbed Hunt. In the spirit of transparency and commitment to excellence, we want to acknowledge a slight shift in our timeline. Finalizing the rulebook and artbook layouts has taken a touch more time than anticipated. This additional effort is dedicated to ensuring every detail meets our high standards, from gameplay clarity to visual appeal. Your patience and understanding as we polish these final pieces mean the world to us, and we're confident that the outcome will be a game that exceeds your expectations.

Pledge Manager Closing Soon

As we approach the next phase, we want to remind you that the pledge manager will close on February 15th. We're delighted to share that 76% of our backers have already completed their orders and entered their shipping information. If you haven't done so yet, now is the time to finalize your order and ensure your copy of Riverbed Hunt reaches you without any hitches. Unsure how to do that? Contact us!

Please note that while the pledge manager will close soon and you will not be able to edit your order, you will still be able to change your address even moments before we hand over the process to our shipping partners. Of course, we will notify you with a new KickStarter update as always.

Attention Apple Sign-In Users

We've noticed a few of our backers used the Apple sign-in option for their Kickstarter accounts. While most have responded to our messages to update their email addresses in the pledge manager, a few have yet to do so. It's crucial for these backers to respond so we can update your information and avoid any issues with your order. If you're unsure whether this applies to you, please message us for clarification.

Next Update - Sneak Peek

Get ready for a visual treat in our next update! We'll be sharing images of our pre-production copy. The team is buzzing with excitement, and we can't wait to give you a glimpse of what's in store. Your enthusiasm and support have brought us this far, and we're eager to share this milestone with you.

As always, we're here for any questions or feedback you might have. Your involvement makes Riverbed Hunt more than just a game; it's a community coming together to celebrate a shared passion.

Until next time,

stay Oddly Legendary

The Odd Statue Games Team

Pledge Manager – The Grand Opening!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Jan 05, 2024 at 05:44:18 AM

Dear Triton Society Members,

We're thrilled to bring you our first project update of the new year: the Pledge Manager is now live!

In the Pledge Manager, you can finalize your order by selecting your desired copies and add-ons, and by providing your shipping details. We've kept the process straightforward, reflecting our streamlined pledge levels and add-ons. Before completing your order, we'll ask a few quick questions to gather your feedback. This is vital for us as it helps us grow and prepare for future projects. Your candid responses are greatly appreciated!

Pledge Manager Deadline

Remember, the Pledge Manager will be open until mid-February. After that, we'll start the mass production process. We will notify you with a new update before closing the Pledge Manager, of course!

Local Pickup Options

  •  For Greece and The Netherlands Residents: Select “Local Pickup” in the Country field of your pledge manager if you wish to receive your copy in person. We'll send a follow-up survey to help you choose your preferred pickup point.

For Greece we support local pickup for Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa and Volos.

For the Netherlands, we support Amsterdam and Utrecht, as well as Spellenspektakel 2024.

  •  For Attendees of Essen Spiel 2024: Outside Greece or The Netherlands but attending Essen Spiel 2024? Please also select the Local Pickup option, only if you're willing to wait so long!

Language Availability

We haven't seen enough demand for additional languages for Riverbed Hunt yet. While this is unfortunate, it also allows us to concentrate fully on producing an exceptional first print in English. We're excited to consider more languages in future editions!

Need Help?

If you encounter any issues with the survey, don't hesitate to reach out via Kickstarter message or email us at [email protected]. We understand the frustration of technical glitches and promise to respond swiftly to resolve any problems. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.

Pledge Manager Guide

For those new to Pledge Managers, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Open the email from BackerKit and click “Click Here to Respond.”
  1. Start the survey and answer our questions.
  1. Confirm any addons you purchased through Kickstarter.
  1. Add more game copies or available addons if you wish.
  1. Enter your shipping address. The “Local Pickup” option is at the top of the Country field list.
  1. On the summary page, you can pay for shipping, VAT (if applicable), and any extra products.

Once you complete these steps, just sit back and relax. We're working hard to deliver your game as soon as possible!

Please Note:

  • You can add more items than your original pledge.
  • You can update your shipping address in the Pledge Manager even after payment, up until shortly before delivery starts.

What’s Next

In the next ten days, we're finalizing the rulebook and artbook layouts and preparing the pre-production copy for our manufacturer. We'll update you with more exciting news soon.

The Odd Statue Games Team wishes you a wonderful New Year filled with board games, joy, and creativity. Stay safe, enjoy your gaming, and remember to stay Oddly Legendary!

The Odd Statue Games Team

Season's Greetings and Pledge Manager Progress
2 months ago – Sat, Dec 23, 2023 at 09:38:11 AM

🎄 Happy Holidays to Our Amazing Tritons! 🎉

As the festive season approaches, we want to extend our warmest wishes to each of you and your loved ones. May your holiday season be filled with joy, peace, and happiness. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

🌟 Pledge Manager Update 🌟

We're excited to inform you that our pledge manager is shaping up nicely! Everything is set and ready for a review. Our friends at BackerKit, however, are currently on their well-deserved holiday break. They'll be back in the office on January 2nd, 2024, and will need a couple of business days to review our pledge manager setup. We sincerely apologize for this slight delay and appreciate your understanding.

Initial Backer Access to Pledge Manager & Support 

Once the pledge manager goes live, 5% of our backers will receive an email invitation to complete their orders. This step is crucial as it allows BackerKit to ensure the setup is flawless. The selection of these backers is random and beyond our control. Rest assured, all other backers will gain access shortly after this initial phase.

We understand that some of you may be new to the pledge manager process. To assist, we will release a detailed guide on how to navigate and complete the process once the pledge manager opens. Our team will be readily available to support you with any issues you might encounter. We're here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for everyone!

Keeping You Informed and On Track!

We promise to keep you updated on any developments regarding the pledge manager. We want to reassure you that this minor delay will not impact our overall schedule. Our team is working diligently to finalize the files for our pre-production test print. We're on track to send these files in the first week of January.

Furthermore, the original plan was to close the pledge manager at the end of February. Considering this brief postponement, we'll extend the closing to early March. Importantly, this adjustment also does not affect our overall timeline!

Once again, thank you for your continued support and understanding. We're excited for the upcoming year and all the progress we'll share together. Enjoy your holidays, and stay tuned for more updates!

Until then, stay Oddly Legendary!

The Odd Statue Games Team

Three Weeks Of Hunting Minor Issues & PM News
3 months ago – Sat, Dec 09, 2023 at 12:16:48 PM

Dear members of the triton society,

Undoubtedly, time passes so quickly! We are currently facing one of the most demanding periods of the project, working hard to find any minor issues in the game and finalize all of its assets. There’s been a lot of development during the past three weeks, because we want to deliver you the best game possible, so we believe it's time we give you a detailed update!

Alternative River Board Finalized

First things first, the illustration for the alternative map that we unlocked during the campaign is now complete and ready to be used. We are very pleased with the result, as it looks very similar to the original one, yet with a very different gameplay feel; trust us on that! Here are the two sides of the board next to each other.

Left - Original (Boat side), Right - Alternative (Bridge side)

Iconography Refined

During the latest playtests of the past few months we collected a lot of interesting feedback on the iconography of the game. Most of the negative comments were on the icons being too many to memorize, especially for new players, or too detailed and small, which would cause readability issues on some of the cards. It was clear at that time that they need refinement, but since we were getting close to the Kickstarter campaign, we thought it would be wiser not to rush into last-minute changes, but to work on the whole iconography and graphic design post-campaign. Finally, we managed to reduce the icons to 15 (out of 24!!!), which also lead to resizing the Icons Reference card into a smaller, euro standard size (like the rest of the game’s cards) that also includes the player’s turn and a reminder for the triton abilities activation. Here’s a comparison of the older and newer version of the Icons Reference card:

Reference Card – Custom size (Left) vs. Euro Standard size (Right)

Gameplay Development 

After almost a month of hard work on that aspect, taking into consideration all the feedback we collected (iconography included), we are happy to confirm that the development of the game is almost finalized. There are only a few more things that we need to double-check, before we send the files to the manufacturer for a first PPC (pre-production copy). Along with the completion of the English rulebook, we believe that we can achieve having everything ready and sent, before the end of December. Here is a list of some of the things that got updated during these past three weeks:

  • Fully revised and simplified the wording in all Ability, Action, and Triton cards.
  • Re-balanced set of river tiles, being used in each player count; especially for the 3-4 and 8-9 players.
  • Updated Ability and Triton cards (small adjustments for more efficient effects, and new added flavor texts on some cards). 
  • Improved Meeples’ Durability and fully revised Track Tokens module (see below).
  • Co-op (action) renamed to Entrust: let’s be honest, it was never a cooperation between the two players. The one just had to entrust the other with the task of revealing a tile, believing them as one of their teammates.

Take a look on a few examples:

Ability Cards - Further On
River Tiles Update Example
Action Cards – Co-op To Entrust

Wooden Meeple Durability

Recently we were informed that in one of our few prototype copies, a wounded triton was found! One of the wooden meeples had its arm broken, which made us think that this might be a serious warning for a weak spot in the meeple’s pose. Contacting our manufacturer partner, they suggested we make that spot thicker; just to be sure. So we did and now we are waiting for their testing feedback. In the case that this is still not enough, we might end up merging that part of the body and arm, by submerging the whole triton meeple a little bit more into the water; nothing is final yet.

Triton Meeple Arm Durability Refinement

Track Tokens –> Glowing Mushrooms (module)

Last but not least, our stretch-goal-unlocked module! There’s been a lot of development around this one, starting with its more thematic approach. Remember the magical mushrooms presented on the new side of the main board or on the ability card “Sneak a Peek”? Well, let me share this with you:

"It is known that these unusual mushrooms grow along the riverbank of Ie. Some triton citizens are convinced that this sacred land being responsible for the existence of the starlight kelp seeds within the river is also the reason behind the magical presence emanated from these mushrooms. But would you risk tasting them? Their unpredictable powers might end up harsh for an unlucky triton…"

Now, as for the gameplay of this mechanism, we realized the effects of the tokens didn’t feel impressive or strong enough, so we figured we should improve them significantly, in order for the players to go after them; and so we did! Another important change is that half of the track tokens were supposed to be placed on the river tiles, while the mushrooms now have to be placed on a land between two spaces. This means that the mechanism messes much less with any other ability as they happen, because a player can now get such a token only through movement and not through any type of “teleportation” effects. Furthermore, this module works a little better combined with the Wild Stream ability deck and of course, there is less downtime between turns, while players peek at face-down tiles (since they don’t have to remove tokens from the tile and place them back each time).

We are still working on the backside of the mushrooms token, hesitating if we should go with a more detailed version of it or a simpler and clearer to the eye version. Here is an example of some of the mushrooms tokens (both sides), and another example of three different versions of them, while being on the board. I’m not saying that these are final, but which approach would you prefer better: A, B, or C?

Mushrooms Tokens On-Board Example
Mushrooms Tokens Example (Work in Progress)

In the meantime, as we prepare the final digital files for the PPC (pre-production copy), we would like to share some exciting news about the Pledge Manager’s state.

Pledge Manager Opens Soon!

The final countdown to the pledge manager has begun! First of all, we would like to thank you for being patient, while we were gathering all the necessary information and preparing for the pledge manager’s grand opening. Now that almost everything is ready, we want to let you know that we plan to open the Pledge Manager during the next ten days or even a bit sooner! You can expect an early update from us, including all the instructions needed for you to finalize your order, on the day of the PM’s opening.

Please note: If it happens that you missed the campaign completely, it’s totally fine; you can still get the game using the “Late Pledge” option. It can be found in the campaign’s main page, right on the top. Having said that, the Late Pledge option offers the game at its standard Kickstarter price, the early bird prices won’t be available anymore. In any case, we would be more than happy to see you joining us to our small, yet growing strong triton family!

Until then, stay Oddly Legendary!

The Odd Statue Games Team

A Heartfelt Thank You To Every Single Hunter!
4 months ago – Thu, Nov 16, 2023 at 01:24:38 PM

Dear Tritons,

As the Kickstarter journey for Riverbed Hunt concludes, we want to express our deepest gratitude. As first-time creators, we've been uplifted and driven by your trust and support; it has truly been the wind beneath our wings. We're overwhelmed and grateful for the incredible community that has come together around this project. Thank You.

We did this together! Thank you!

The end of our campaign is already 5 hours away; and what a journey it has been! Actually, during these last few hours, we have accomplished so many things, all at once! Let’s take a look together of everything we (you, the backers) have achieved:

  • Double Layer Track Board

We're thrilled to announce that thanks to your amazing support, we've unlocked our latest stretch goal: a double layer track board! This new addition will bring even more excitement to your game experience, as your track counters will now stay in place and tracking your progress will feel more luxurious! This new track board will also fit the track tokens module.

  • Enhanced Game Box

Your engagement on social media has been phenomenal and, as a result, we've unlocked two special social goals. First, our game box will now have a luxurious linen finish, adding a touch of elegance and durability. Second, we're adding a spot UV effect to the box, giving it a unique, tactile feel and a visually stunning appearance.

More Languages for Riverbed Hunt

We've heard your requests loud and clear! Many of you have expressed a desire for Riverbed Hunt to be available in more languages. We're excited to let you know that we're doing our best to make this happen. We're exploring various options and partnerships to bring Riverbed Hunt to a broader audience in their native tongues. We’ll be back with more details on this one in one of our upcoming updates.

Updates and Communication

We are committed to maintaining open communication at every stage of the journey: from pre-production to manufacturing to fulfillment. You can expect an official Kickstarter Update from us every three weeks or even sooner for urgent news. We believe this is the perfect frequency: it’s often enough to keep you informed and involved, yet it allows us to concentrate on production. If there's any urgent news, we might post sooner.

Moreover, we'll be highly active on the general Comments page. We're dedicated to engaging with our community and will ensure to reply within 24 hours. Of course, we will also respond to comments below each new Update in the days immediately following the post. Additionally, we're here to answer all your inquiries sent through the Kickstarter inbox, emails, and messages on our social media accounts. You can expect a prompt reply from us within 1-2 business days, often even sooner.

Credit Card Failures

A few backers have experienced credit card payment issues, which is a common occurrence. We've reached out individually to each backer who faced this problem. If you haven't already, please check your messages in case you missed our notification. Kickstarter provides a 7-day period to resolve these issues, so there's still time to address any payment concerns. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to send us a message, and we'll gladly help you sort everything out.

Late Pledges

Coming up next, we're soon introducing a Late Pledge feature for anyone who missed out on the initial campaign. We'd be really grateful if you could help us spread the word about this opportunity. It's a great way for newcomers to get involved, and we're looking forward to extending a warm welcome to them just as we have with all of you.

Pledge Manager

In the coming weeks, our focus will be on determining the precise weights of all our core game and add-ons. Once we have these details, we'll be finalizing arrangements with our shipping partners and setting up the Pledge Manager. This is a detailed process, so we anticipate opening the Pledge Manager around the end of December. Rest assured, it will stay open for a considerable period following its launch. We'll provide more specific information in future updates as we make progress.

The Hunt does not end here!

As this chapter closes, we look forward to the next steps in bringing Riverbed Hunt to life and into your hands. We are in this together! Your support has been the cornerstone of this project, and we can't wait to share the final product with you. Thank you once again for being part of this incredible journey. Stay tuned for more updates as we move into the production phase!

Until then, stay Oddly Legendary

The Odd Statue Games Team